Rob Provencher – Lighting and Posing Strategies For Portrait and Wedding Photographers that Work

RobRobert Provencher has been, and continues to operate with his wife Tina, a busy portrait studio in a remote town of 90,000 . He has been running his studio for over twenty five years and claims that if he can make it there, he can make it anywhere, and his example could inspire others.

Rob is the co-founder of NOBS Photo Success forum.

Throughout the year, Rob teaches many workshops all over North America. He has become known in the industry for his insightful, no-nonsense approach to success in marketing, posing, lighting and other key areas of success. He coaches many photographers and has a long track record of helping others achieve success with their photography studios, both small and large.
Rob will be presenting a fast paced, information, strategy and idea rich talk on shooting, and marketing for success in the field of portrait and wedding photography.

Rob recognizes that having a talent is one thing, knowing how to market is a completely different animal. Success is achieved through a balanced approach and a healthy dose of self-improvement, marketing mindset and mastery of posing and lighting.


The Top 7 Marketing Promotions For A Portrait Studio

Rob will cover how how to easily and effectively implement the top 7 marketing promotions in to your business, no matter how big or small, for maximum sales and profits.


On Sunday Rob will be more technical…

He will reveal Lighting and Posing Strategies For Portrait and Wedding Photographers that Work. Rob will demonstrate “Effective Poses That Sell, Lighting That Flatters and Putting Them Together When Photographing Brides, Families, Babies, Children and Adults.”